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The heating and air conditioning system ducts are usually the first items checked and cleaned following a fire or puffback emergency. Because the system is usually running during the event, it can work to spread soot, smoke and/or odor throughout the structure - making prompt, corrective action imperative.

The HVAC system may also be affected during a water damage. Many times, water can travel throughout the duct system by gaining entrance into floor or ceiling vents. Additionally, flooding may have occurred near the unit. If the accumulated water has been left unattended, mold development is possible, therefore allowing for spores or bacteria to be pulled into the system and spread throughout the building via the duct work.

In general, professional cleaning, deodorizing and, at times, sanitizing treatments are less costly and more time-efficient than system replacement, therefore minimizing property losses. Crystal Restoration Services offers complete repair and restoration of residential and commercial HVAC systems following puffbacks, boiler explosions, fires, floods, oil spills and similar emergencies.

To prevent further contamination, the air handling unit is turned off, and filtering material is placed over all registers and return vents.

  • At the beginning of the cleaning process, all registers are removed and washed.
  • Negative air vacuums are then used in order to put the heating and/or air conditioning system under negative pressure. The inside of the duct system(s) is then agitated, loosening the contaminants trapped inside. The loosened debris/soot is then blown into the negative air vacuums using high-pressure, compressed air.
  • The air handler is cleaned with vacuums, including the blower, heat exchanger and coil.
  • Depending on the severity of the damage and the intensity of any offending odors, deodorizers such as Bad Air Sponge and x100 Odor Treatments may be used to treat the system.
  • If the system is being cleaned due to water damage, a sanitizer is applied to kill mold, mold spores and bacteria. In some instances, duct-wrapped insulation is removed and replaced, as well as any flex duct that might be involved.
  • The furnace filter is cleaned or replaced, depending on the type of filter.
  • Finally, filter covers are removed after several days. If there is a possibility of recontamination, Crystal Restoration's crews will install new filtering devices in the registers and return vents until reconstruction and total restoration of the building is complete.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

This note was given to our project manager Ken Messenger about one of our crews headed by Ralphie! "The best group of gentlemen I have ever had working in my home. Extremely polite, thorough, neat & clean & knowledgeable. Took such good care of my home. A great group of guys~" —EC
WE OFFICIALLY LOVE YOU ALL!!! We discovered several inches of water filling our entire basement! We've made many phone calls to address the many issues involved here. Our Public Adjuster, Allen Sabel, highly recommended that we call Crystal Restoration. We are so happy that we took his advice! Within maybe two hours of our initial call to your office, we were blessed to meet Mark. It was Mark's professionalism, mixed with his kind, calming personality, that made us know that Crystal Restoration was the way to go! We just called to cancel all the other restoration companies who gave us estimates! We're looking forward to meeting more of your crew tomorrow morning.
Peggy Zabol Schwarzmer
Mark recently helped my sons and I through a devastating house flood. His professionalism and compassion helped us in a very difficult time and we'd like to see efforts applauded and recognized by his superiors. This was our first experience with Crystal Restoration and we would highly recommend your company in the future. Mark's human element to a crisis should the standard all employees strive to achieve. He helped ease our stress through the entire process and we are so grateful. All to often, the only feedback service companies receive is with regard to negativity. This is a glowing testimony to what we hope is a valued employee. Thank you.
Mary Schmidt, home owner
We finally finished all the repairs at my brother's house from the damage from the experience!! As I was thinking back at everything, I just wanted to express my thanks for all that you did to help with this project. You were so kind and supportive throughout the entire water remediation process. Crystal Restoration did a fantastic job! I appreciated your reassurance that everything would be taken care of properly, and it was. I was very impressed with you and Crystal Restoration and will highly recommend the company to neighbors in Harbor View. Thanks again for everything.
Lois Daggett, home owner
I am writing to you because I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the cleaning job Mark did for me. From the moment he stepped into my house for the first appointment I felt very comfortable. He was very professional, kind and sympathetic. He took the time to explain everything and answer al of my questions. Additionally, he was reliable and always answered my phone calls promptly! He and his staff did a beautiful job, and I could not be happier with the results!
Karen Mancuso, home owner

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